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Hello Everyone!

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me since I haven’t updated this site in well over a year. Even if you’ve followed me on social media you would have noticed that my updates were few and far between so let me give everyone some updates!

Bad News - Book #2 Update

Unfortunately, as proud as I was about this book, it was not picked up by a publisher. I received some encouraging feedback from some of them but ultimately, they decided to pass. But I am not discouraged, and this does not mean that this book will never be published! Despite working on this for over 3 years I did make the decision to do the unthinkable and rewrite this book from page one. There were some things about the original manuscript that I was so proud of and some other things that I can’t believe made the final cut. So, I am going to take all of the notes I received and rewrite this book from scratch! I can’t wait to take on this story from a whole new perspective and I can’t wait until everyone can read it.


Good News - Podcast Update

The good and exciting news is that I am launching a new project! While waiting the 18 months to hear back from all the publishers on book 2, I began working on a new project. For the past few years I have become such a huge fan of the scripted podcasts! These reminded me so much of old radio plays that I used to listen to as a kid, and I fell in love with the idea of telling a story in this format rather than through text or writing. So, over the past year I dove headfirst into the world of podcasting and became connected with the absolute best producer in the world (who 100% understood my vision from day one). Together he and I worked tirelessly on bringing this podcast to life and we cannot wait to share Season 1 with all of you!

For more details on this podcast then click on the link on my website or visit the page at:


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