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Book 2 Update

Hello again everyone!

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions on the status of Book #2 (Name to be released later). Thank you to everyone who loved the first book so much that they are already asking me about a second book! Your support means the world to me and I am hopeful that I will have an answer for you soon.

To answer one of your questions, yes I have finished book #2! It has been written, edited, rewritten, re-edited, rewritten again! And then finally edited one final time (for now at least). This is my passion project and a story that I’ve been wanting to write for nearly two decades, so I want to ensure that I treat it with the proper respect that it deserves. I have put in so much more work into making sure that this book is perfect compared to anything else I have ever written.

Draft #1 was completed May 2019, which goes to show you how much I’ve worked on it since it’s been put into the editing phase. But a year later, I feel that the story is at the stage where it is as good as it can be and I hope that a publisher agrees with me! I am actively sending my completed manuscript to a number of different publishers who specialize in publishing horror/paranormal/thrillers and am hoping to hear back within the next couple of months.

The wait times to hear back from a number of these publishers can be as long as six months, and with the current state of the world, it may be even longer before I hear back. I am hopeful that some time in the next few months I start to hear back from some publishers, and I will make sure I update readers once I am able to have a more concrete answer of ‘when will my next book come out’. That is, IF someone picks up the book (keep your fingers crossed!).

But thank you for the support, I’m as eager as you are to have my second book out and I hope I can update you all with some good news soon!

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